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I have chosen to make this ad pretty detailed in order to avoid the standard to and fro that seems all too common with online ads that could conceivably prevent me having the time to be available for the trip and the hours on SI.Sexy Girl Looking For Hot person Click Please http://gg.gg/d05f3

I don't keep a car or drive here and my corporate car for business generally can't be used for trips to SI since I do not have any business there at present. A friend who does keep a car here and is sometimes able to give me a lift is not in town this weekend.

I have a commitment that requires that I be on SI as many days of the week and as early in the day as possible, within reason, the hour depending on the day. Spacing the days apart based on the schedules of all concerned and even the weather is fine. Planning to be there will essentially depend on what schedules permit and the transportation I'm able to coordinate with my schedule on the days I need not bring anything with me to or from storage.

If you're able to offer the ride to or from SI, this is appreciated. The plan will be to drop me off and or pick me up at the destination. It's preferable if you're able to make it a round-trip from the city to SI and the return trip to the city.

If you're able to spare the time on a day I am able to spare more time, such as on the weekend (including this weekend) or as schedules permit, then it will be helpful if you are able to drop me off at stores there to obtain what's needed and then pick me up once I'm done, unless of course, you are also into shopping to join me.

I am ideally looking to schedule the round-trip for this Saturday or Sunday or maybe, both days if I have the requisite energy to handle the sorting and organization of personal belongings to allow me to determine what to keep and what to gift to charities.

Since the ad is being placed pretty last minute and we have not yet made contact or confirmed a plan, it is conceivable that this trip may need to be postponed until Sunday or I may schedule the trip for this Saturday on my own and see if you can provide the return trip to the city.

I'm not trying to be someone I'm not since you either vibe with me or don't and it's not meant to be complicated.
I am not the type who is inclined toward public transit, but the express bus is as good as it gets for such options and I'm more of a fan of public transit than I used to be since the hours and routes of express buses have changed, but it is not useful when I must transport belongings too cumbersome for a bus, a bus may not be available at the time I must be there or I may not have the time to allot for the route.

This is a benevolent, respectable commitment. It's being conducted on SI because I have access to the needed space there and the people there who have the time to help me sort through my belongings are trustworthy. There are also several solid charities we have donated to in the past which are able to arrange pickup of whatever we wish to donate so it's one less thing about which to be concerned.

If you are the type of gent who gets a rush from being kind and contributing to a circle of kindness, reliable and respectable, who will cover the gas and tolls with no worries or drama,
please get back with cell number, email, location, hours you're able, and hours I may reach you
to arrange a plan. I'm guessing offhand that a pickup time of mid-afternoon in the city should work for this Saturday but for this Sunday, earlier may be possible, and during the week, the earlier, the better if schedules permit.

One more thing since snark here can seem inevitable. For the type of guy who thinks that an intelligent woman has no idea what a car service is, when you're ready to cover it as the considerate man who wants me to know about it, let me know. ;)

I'm a pretty, slim, fit, dynamic, educated Caucasian young professional with a plethora of interests should this matter. The ideal is if we can pass the time there and back not knowing how the time flew by.

The closest route is the FDR Drive or Second Ave (wherever there's less traffic) to the BQE to the Bklyn Battery Tunnel to the Verrazano Bridge. Driving through NJ via Lincoln Tunnel to the Goethal's Bridge is another option when looking to circumvent traffic. The entrance to the FDR is pictured in the map. The trip is generally around 35 min but can take up to 60 min depending on traffic. I know of a shortcut, too.

This is a post for pleasant, social, strictly platonic company there and back to make the time pass quickly with a gentleman who can appreciate that most times people must be focused on bank as a matter of responsibility, but there are also times you give back and do what you can. You are fine with my bringing a friend along if she wishes to join me.

If you plan to remain on SI and require suggestions on how to pass the time, you may want to visit Snug Harbor, the Museum of Tibetan Art, Historic Richmond Town, Barnes and Noble, the Staten Island Mall, DSW, Home Goods, Target, TJ Maxx, Marshall's or obtain a day pass to a gym or visit a park or library.

The areas in the city and on SI are perfectly safe and upper-class should you have any concerns.

No lewd, lascivious, illegal or wanton expectations or requests, please.

Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend.
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